Monday, March 21, 2011

I’m so excited to bring La Cocina to the streets of Cleveland. Although, we have lots of work to do preparing for opening day.  As a team we will knock down each task one at a time. As far as menus, and all the real detailed information about our concept, we will get it to everyone, right before we open. I will tell you that we are thinking outside the box as far as street food. We really want to do something different for you guys. Something very simple and packed with flavor to excite your palates. As time goes, we will be asking you guys for your input on our home page. We want to hear from you guys, cause your options really matter to us. Thanks for supporting Cleveland and the food trucks. Dim and Dem Sum, JiBaro Cleveland,Set's Polish Boys,Unami Moto, and Rolling Pig.

La Cocina "Food Truck''

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