Saturday, March 12, 2011

Say no more..

O.K everyone, you can throw away the pre treated Ortega “sauce”, everything included taco kits, and the out-dated taco shells, you’ve been meaning to get to for the last year.  We need to stand up and say no more…….., No more low-grade ground beef, from who knows where. No more, Lettuce and chopped tomatoes with the hard brown part from the stem, and No more sour cream and that real yellow cheddar that taste like flavored plastic. We need to be aware of the bullshit there selling us, at every bar on taco Tuesday. Because the truth is, for a couple of cents more, they could prepare tacos the way they were meant to be eating. Two small corn tortillas or flour, preferably freshly made. With your choice of beef, chicken, or whatever their serving.  Served with chopped onion, fresh cilantro, Salsa Verde (aka green sauce) a Rojo sauce, and a fresh lime to squeeze. That’s how La Cocina is going to prepare our Tacos. If it’s not broken, we’re not going to try and fix it.

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