Sunday, April 24, 2011

So, we found our truck, It's a 1989 Grumman step up Van. It has no rust, 40,000 miles, oh and bullet proof for any hoodlums. It's an old Cleveland swat truck, so it's came fully equipped with electric and chargers and all that good stuff. Next we're going to fill it with a brand new kitchen (Griddle,fryer, 6 top burner/oven,low boy sandwich cooler, reach in cooler, 3 compartment sink, hand sink, hood system) then get it wrapped and we're on the road. Yea, I make it sound so easy, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

We want to get it right the first time and not cut corners. We want to be the best food truck possible,so we have a little  time, but it will be worth it.

Oh and thanks to all the other trucks being so help full in this project. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adrenaline RUSH is why I love to cook

People ask me all the time, what’s your favorite part about being a chef. I look at them with a smile contemplating my upcoming answer. Then I cowardly take the easy way out, bending the facts just a little, because telling the truth is time consuming, and like most Chefs, I’m usually in a hurry, with no time to spare. So, I say with my finger crossed behind my back, COOKING!!!!!. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love cooking and preparing food for other people’s delight. But truth be told, it’s not my favorite part of the career. Fact is this; I love countless aspects of the professional kitchen. I love the straight up fuck you attitudes of all truly GOOD cooks. I love the ingredients, clamor, heat, drama, gossip, fat,  markets, tempo, ingenuity, tempers, clean stations, family meal, service, a good burn, mise en place, FNG’s and the list goes on. Winning the crown, at the tip top of my list, the one thing that really gets me juices flowing night after night; is the beloved adrenaline rush. The charge I feel when the kitchens at full movement, with the pressure of me making one mistake can send the kitchen spiraling, flipping, and burning a blaze. To me there’s nothing like this pressure, the demanding and hectic rush is my fix. AHHHHHHHHH

Monday, March 21, 2011

I’m so excited to bring La Cocina to the streets of Cleveland. Although, we have lots of work to do preparing for opening day.  As a team we will knock down each task one at a time. As far as menus, and all the real detailed information about our concept, we will get it to everyone, right before we open. I will tell you that we are thinking outside the box as far as street food. We really want to do something different for you guys. Something very simple and packed with flavor to excite your palates. As time goes, we will be asking you guys for your input on our home page. We want to hear from you guys, cause your options really matter to us. Thanks for supporting Cleveland and the food trucks. Dim and Dem Sum, JiBaro Cleveland,Set's Polish Boys,Unami Moto, and Rolling Pig.

La Cocina "Food Truck''

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Say no more..

O.K everyone, you can throw away the pre treated Ortega “sauce”, everything included taco kits, and the out-dated taco shells, you’ve been meaning to get to for the last year.  We need to stand up and say no more…….., No more low-grade ground beef, from who knows where. No more, Lettuce and chopped tomatoes with the hard brown part from the stem, and No more sour cream and that real yellow cheddar that taste like flavored plastic. We need to be aware of the bullshit there selling us, at every bar on taco Tuesday. Because the truth is, for a couple of cents more, they could prepare tacos the way they were meant to be eating. Two small corn tortillas or flour, preferably freshly made. With your choice of beef, chicken, or whatever their serving.  Served with chopped onion, fresh cilantro, Salsa Verde (aka green sauce) a Rojo sauce, and a fresh lime to squeeze. That’s how La Cocina is going to prepare our Tacos. If it’s not broken, we’re not going to try and fix it.